Fleming Biopharmaceutical donates supplies to the affected areas ...

release time:2022-02-18 09:08:00

Mr. Yi Xiang, chairman of the company, took immediate action and donated 2,400 bottles of alcohol disinfectant to help the epidemic area. Yi said that private enterprises should actively fulfill their social responsibilities, go all out to participate in the fight against the epidemic, and adhere to the true character of "never forget the original intention of starting a business and always follow the party".
As early as in 2020, at the early stage of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic, our company actively organized employees to end their leave in advance and return to their respective posts in an emergency manner. We quickly discussed the important issues of supply, donation and early start of production, and successively provided assistance to Taihe Affiliated Hospital of Hubei Medical College and People's Medicine of Shiyan City, Hubei Province. The People's Hospital of Guangxi Longlin County, Hubei Jingmen Stomatological Hospital, Huangshi City and the Red Cross donated more than one million yuan worth of supplies, and were awarded the title of "the most beautiful Enterprise in the fight against COVID-19" and "Advanced Unit in Epidemic Prevention and Control" by Guangxi Medical Device Industry Association. Our company will continue to take practical actions to fulfill its responsibilities and achievements, be brave to assume social responsibilities, and pass on positive energy for good.

2,400 bottles of alcohol disinfectant were donated to help the affected areas