Liang Yi, Chief prosecutor of Nanning People's Procuratorate, and Chen Ning,...

release time:2022-03-07 09:12:00

In the afternoon of March 7th, Liang Yi, Chief Prosecutor of Nanning People's Procuratorate of Guangxi and Chen Ning, first level Inspector of Guangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce visited our company, visited the company's production plant, biological protein fermentation production line and biological laboratory, and had an in-depth understanding of the company's product research and development, production and quality inspection and other working processes. Give high praise to our company's advanced equipment, scientific research ability and management and marketing mode.

During the discussion, Sun Zhongwei, the general manager, first of all, on behalf of Fleming Biopharmaceutical Company, expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders to visit our company for research and guidance, and made a detailed report on the development of the company in recent years and the future planning.

Liang and his delegation carefully listened to the report of General Manager Sun, said that the procuratorate will establish a cooperation mechanism with the Federation of industry and Commerce of the autonomous region, to assist relevant departments to help enterprises solve problems, increase the efforts to serve enterprises. Procurator-general Liang hoped that enterprises and investors should have confidence in the business environment of Nanning. The "Strong capital strategy" has introduced various measures, and a special team has been set up to serve enterprises. The company will continue to optimize the business environment with the greatest efforts, the highest standards, the strictest management and the best state, and go all out to support the development of enterprises. At the same time, cooperate with the service agencies of the autonomous region, increase the implementation of preferential policies, and create a fair and just competition environment for enterprises.

General Manager Sun said that in recent years of business operation, we have deeply witnessed the service consciousness and responsibility consciousness of leaders at all levels of the Guangxi government, so that enterprises investing in Guangxi can feel at ease, assured and confident. We will actively grasp the favorable policies issued in the strategy of strengthening the capital of Nanning, invest in a good environment, and cherish the autonomous region government, District drug Administration, evaluation center, registration office, supervision office and medical device testing center and other relevant departments to vigorously support the development of the enterprise's gratitude, will accelerate the increase of scientific research investment, improve the ability of independent innovation, and constantly improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, in return for the government.