Warm congratulations on the success of the first general hospital department ...

release time:2022-08-01 11:49:44

"Although the road is far away, the line will come", the epidemic repeatedly, the sun is scorching, but still failed to hinder the pace of our Flemming people! On July 28, Hebei agency company Xiao general organization of Hebei region's first general hospital - Cangzhou Central Hospital department academic promotion meeting opened across the space! Mr. Zhang, Director of the Department of Gynecology of Cangzhou Central Hospital and general practitioner, Mr. Yang, director of the agency company, Ms. Wu Yuanping, Sales director of Fleming, Ms. Xie Jiaming, Regional director, and Mr. Li Jianxin, academic manager, attended the online meeting.
At the meeting, Mr. Li Jianxin, the academic manager of Fleming, made a wonderful introduction and interpretation of our company's "PHPV fusion factor vaginal antibacterial gel" product, and answered the questions of teachers in the department one by one!
Director Zhang and teachers from various departments gave great recognition to our company's products, believing that the "PHPV fusion factor vaginal bacterostatic gel" product can achieve the rapid reduction of viral vectors, block the purpose of viral proliferation, and will benefit more patients by using the targeted treatment method of penetrating the cell membrane and reaching the cell.