Fu Lai Ming (FLM, pronounced as Fleming) Biopharmaceuticals Co,. Ltd. was established in 2017, with a registered capital of 50 million RMB. The meaning of “福 Fu”  is well-being, welfare, happiness and benefit, “莱 Lai" means coming, source, overgrown and enrichment, "明 Ming" means validating, proving, and evidence, so Fulaiming (FLM) means "health and well-being coming from evidence-based medicine"

FLM Bio is an innovative pharmaceutical enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of recombinant protein therapeutics, antibiotics, daily chemicals for personal hygiene and beauty. With the introduction of international advanced testing and preparation equipment, FLM Bio has established GMP workshop, quality control center, R&D laboratory, fermentation bioreactors for serial production lines. The strategy of company's development is market-oriented, innovation-driven, and customer-centrism to actively support the develop and produce of high-tech products for unmet market. At present, the main pipelines focus on medical devices, biological consumables, cosmetics, disinfection and hygiene products, and other bio-similar products. We always stick to the management concept of innovation, rapidness, high quality, good faith and customer foremost. We pay attention to details, excellence, to ensure the safety, stability and effectiveness of products.

In order to ensure the core competitiveness and advantageous position of enterprises, the company committed to the innovation, continue to increase investment in research and development, and strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions. At present, our main products include the anti-viral product series of fusion factors, the anti-aging product series of Fuhuo peptide, and the damage healing promotion product series of rhEGF, all have obtained greater innovation in lab research and breakthrough in clinical verification. In recent years, we have achieved continued and rapid growth in its business, becoming a leader in the recombinant protein therapeutics industry for the pathogenic microorganisms. Our core products, remained at the forefront of similar varieties in China, have been adopted by over 2,000 sales terminals, including over 100 hospitals in the provinces, municipalities and regions across China, which strive to build the company into a national enterprise with strong competitiveness.